Kosher Symbol Blues

Originally released as a 5-song EP, Kosher Symbol Blues has now been re-released as a 12-song CD.  The  powerful English lyrics and strong melodies are front and center, backed by a simple production with only a few instruments. No drum tracks or synthesizers here. From tears to laughter, from introspection to observation,  this album is an emotional and intellectual experience with a touch of  humor.



“Music with a message. Breath of fresh air on the Jewish music scene”

Ben Bresky, host of Israel Beat, Arutz 7 – Israel National Radio


“Mendel Singer’s unique musical approach to Jewish themes reflects his formidable songwriting skills and incorporates his passion for Jewish life and observance. This is not the music you learned in Hebrew school or Sunday school, it is a refreshing contemporary interpretation of Jewish themes presented with a modern, Nashville-influenced sound.” Shawn Fink, Shalom America!


“Mendel Singer’s music is very inspirational and well written.   I enjoyed the  folk-country  inflection  in the music.  Kosher Symbol Blues is a real classic, very funny  lyrics with a great tune. ”

Leslie Lutsky, host of Jewish Digest, Radio Centre-Ville, Montreal


“’Kosher Symbol Blues’ is a hoot and his song ‘The Bible’ is lovely. Singer’s guitar playing is also quite good and carries his voice well.”

Jack Zaientz, Teruah Jewish Music




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