Video Going Viral?

Response to my Kosher Symbol Blues video has been tremendous! I made the video public Thursday night, and by Sunday morning there were over 1,800 views!
We’ll see how it continues, but it’s definitely very cool. Lots of nice feedback from people. Thank you all for your support!

I hope to do a video for a more serious song, since most of my music is quite serious. That will have to wait for now.

Meanwhile, (hint, hint) I travel to do shows. And I go to the NY/NJ area from time to time to visit family, so it is very easy to do shows on the east coast (DC to Boston).

I can also do Shabbatons, with a concert/melava malka. Start with a Carlebach kabbalos Shabbos, talks about living healthier and a Jewish perspective on health (I’m a professor of Public Health and write a Jewish Health Blog), culminating in the Motzei Shabbos musical performance.

Relating to my work as Director of the Jewish Community Health Initiative, I also do a talk on “The Obesity Epidemic – A Jewish Perspective“.

For more info, contact me!

Video! Kosher Symbol Blues

The super cool, professionally animated music video for Kosher Symbol Blues is now on YouTube!



Video Coming Soon!

Animated video for Kosher Symbol Blues is completed, and will be made public soon. Just looking for the right way to launch it, e.g. in conjunction with some music review or blog post, or via Aish haTorah.


Ideas anyone?

New CD Available for Download!

The new CD, featuring 12 songs (11 originals + 1 Carlebach), is now available for digital download at CD Baby. It has been sent out to iTunes and other online distributors and should start showing up over the next few weeks. The physical CDs will go into distribution in another week or two. Video on the way!

Note that this new album is entitled “Kosher Symbol Blues”, the same as a previously released 5-song EP(mini-CD). The new CD has the original 5 songs, plus 7 more.




New CD Coming Soon!

Kosher Symbol Blues originally released as a 5-song EP(mini CD)  is being re-issued as a full-length CD, with 12 songs.

The CD is currently being manufactured for release in November, when the digital version will go to stores for downloads. An animated video for Kosher Symbol Blues is nearing completion and will be launched at an auspicious time! 🙂

The new CD features 11 original songs and a cover of the Shlomo Carlebach song, Return Again.

Interview on Israel Beat with Ben Bresky

I had the honor of being interviewed by Ben Bresky for his show Israel Beat, on Arutz-Sheva radio. Listen to it at: Mendel Singer on Israel Beat

Liner Notes

I now have liner notes in addition to the lyrics.  For each song off the Kosher Symbol Blues album, you can read about the inspiration for the song. Lyric sheets still have a glossary of non-English words at the end!


Mendel Singer is a singer-songwriter who creates Jewish music all Jews can relate to.  Introspective and spiritual, and sometimes just funny, his songs feature Jewish themes, in English.  Songs about real life, and trying to be spiritual (and not always succeeding).



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Yes, Singer really is his last name.