Video Going Viral?

Response to my Kosher Symbol Blues video has been tremendous! I made the video public Thursday night, and by Sunday morning there were over 1,800 views!
We’ll see how it continues, but it’s definitely very cool. Lots of nice feedback from people. Thank you all for your support!

I hope to do a video for a more serious song, since most of my music is quite serious. That will have to wait for now.

Meanwhile, (hint, hint) I travel to do shows. And I go to the NY/NJ area from time to time to visit family, so it is very easy to do shows on the east coast (DC to Boston).

I can also do Shabbatons, with a concert/melava malka. Start with a Carlebach kabbalos Shabbos, talks about living healthier and a Jewish perspective on health (I’m a professor of Public Health and write a Jewish Health Blog), culminating in the Motzei Shabbos musical performance.

Relating to my work as Director of the Jewish Community Health Initiative, I also do a talk on “The Obesity Epidemic – A Jewish Perspective“.

For more info, contact me!

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